Having a living room on campus is a fine thing. Between lectures we offer relaxation, company and of course all kinds of hot and cold drinks. Every first Sunday of the month there is a brunch in the café for those who stay here, in the evening you can also test our festive strength at night and moonlight café, a Festa Caipi or at our birthday week.


Whether it’s freshly brewed filter coffee, a lactic-crowned latte macchiato or coffee in its most concentrated form, the espresso… the coffee lover will not miss anything.


Cookies are always available for our tea of the day. Alternatively, you can also choose from our bag collection.


Our newspapers always bring you up to date. Our selection ranges from daily newspapers to news magazines, women’s magazines and cultural and leisure magazines.


Once a month, a brunch takes place in the bc – student café, where you can enjoy our super-delicious cold-warm buffet.


Better something cool? Then we have a selection of chilled drinks for you, from Club Mate to juices to our Neunspringe Lemonades.


Sip coffee while enjoying our live DJs. Whether minimal, rock &pop or oldies, there is something for every musical taste.


“In the game, you can get to know a person better in an hour than in a year’s conversation.” (Platon) – our games in the café are always good for a game.